Unlocking Foresight Know-How


Unlocking Foresight is a new company (a CIC – a social enterprise) and this is a new site & work-in-progress.

Unlocking Foresight is aimed at senior leaders who are prepared to think the unthinkable and to take the necessary actions to achieve a preferred future. People who share our big vision, who seek to unlock the potential of foresight for the benefit of business, government and communities.

Our Services

We plan a range of services to support the development of foresight capability in organisations.

These services include:

  • Conversazione – peer to peer networking events for leaders, around a specific foresight topic
  • In-house workshop for an organisation to build foresight capability.
  • One week in-house course on Foresight for non-specialist line managers
  • Online forums on a specific foresight topic, held at monthly intervals
  • A concierge service to provide expert guidance on methods, images of the future, events, etc
  • A personal development online course (PDOC), organised in modules to develop capability and equip users to take on  specialist foresight education if desired
  • An organisational assessment tool for foresight capability

All of these are backed up by foresight resources – documents, reports, case studies, white papers, videos, books, games, tools, jobs, external event listings, all aimed at strengthening the Foresight community.

We expect that a significant number of people and organisations who need to be able to use foresight will value our services: paying either through a membership fee or paying fees for particular events, conversations or content.

Individuals can access The Foresight Hub to browse, and buy content at list prices.

Community Member organisations’ staff or members have half price access to content.

Corporate Membership subscriptions give free access to content to staff, and also rights to a chosen mix of services as above, the number and type depending on the level of subscription.

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