Foresight Community


“A community is a group of people willing to be indebted to one another.” Professor Michael Mainelli, Z/Yen

We have big plans for our online community in this presentation: Unlocking Foresight Hub – Introduction 5 3

Here is a thoughtful piece on how to measure the value of online communities: Measuring The Value Of Online Communities James Christian Franklin, Michael Mainelli and Robert Pay,Journal of Business Strategy, Volume 35, Number 1, Emerald Group Publishing Limited (January 2014), pages 29-42.

Why not join the Unlocking Foresight Community on Linkedin.


We host a number of events in association with our partners and will maintain a list on the community website.  See Events Page

Analysis Tools & Games

Among many items we intend here, for example “Unlocking Foresight Trivia” (to come) and ExtZy.

ExtZy is a prediction market game created by Z/Yen, which makes a market out of web-pages.  Players can buy shares in those sites that they think will grow in popularity, and then trade their dividends in for real prizes.  The prediction market has a number of ‘leaderboards’ or exchanges, such as countries and future technologies.

Directory of Experts

Not yet live.  Will be a list of experts organised regionally.

You will be able to contact an expert, ask questions or be listed as an expert if you are a member of one of our member

Ask The Community

Not yet live: members will be able to ask questions of the community.

Questions you’d like answered – post here…question


Not yet live: We will be happy to post opportunities to the community.