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Unlocking Foresight offers three types of Membership:

Unlocking Foresight offers three types of Membership with different levels of pricing on our Foresight Hub (http://unlocking-foresight.tizrapublisher.com/)


Individual Membership

Individual members can register with The Foresight Hub for free, browse titles and abstracts of all our content, and access any materials they wish to read or download.


Community Membership

This is available to members of professional bodies where their professional body has subscribed on behalf of their members. Registration is similar to Individual Membership with the following additional benefits

  • Free access to academic archives and relevant professional content
  • Option to join Community discussion forum and engage in peer to peer and group conversations

Community Membership is presently set at £500 / €600 / $700 per annum for each enrolled organisation.


Corporate Membership

This is available to businesses and large organisations and presently comprises 3 levels of subscription, each of which provides a number of points that enable customisation of the package:

  1. Bronze level – £10,000 / €12,000 / $14,000 per annum gives 100 points
  2. Silver level – £20,000 / €24,000 / $28,000 per annum gives 210 points
  3. Gold level – £50,000 / €60,000 / $70,000 per annum gives 550 points

Points can be used as follows:

Points required Available offer
Unlimited access to the Foresight hub free at the point of use
5 Per annum Corporate staff have the same access to the Foresight Hub as Community members and pay discounted rate for any materials read or downloaded for personal or business use
5 Per Webinar Corporate staff can join live webinars on selected Foresight Topics and Scenario Building (up to 100 individuals).  Note that we are planning to place recordings of all Webinars on The Foresight Hub for viewing or download at the appropriate price points depending on Membership level.
60 Per Workshop One day Foresight Skills and Capability Building workshop for up to 32 individuals.  This covers design and facilitation of workshop only.  Corporate members will be responsible for invitations and venue costs associated with running the workshop.
160 Per Event Conversazione – This is an event commissioned by, and co-designed with, the Corporate Member.  It comprises a facilitated conversation across invited organisations addressing similar uncertainties to create new insights for participants to use in developing their own strategic plans.  Unlocking Foresight will work with the Corporate Member to determine who best to invite and to share networks to seek to achieve as great a relevant diversity of participants as possible. This covers design and facilitation of workshop only.  Corporate members will be responsible for venue costs associated with running the event.
5 Per person (Coming Soon) Web based Personal Development in Foresight Skills and Capabilities which will be taken in 6 modules:

  1. What is Strategic Foresight – Introductory taster available for free
  2. Understanding the principles of Strategic Foresight – 1 point per person
  3. Hindsight: understanding how uncertainty has played out in the past – 1 point per person
  4. Present: horizon scanning and uncovering emerging trends – 1 point per person
  5. Futures and Scenarios: tools for developing possible, plausible and probable future scenarios and understanding impact of unintended consequences – 1 point per person
  6. Strategic Choices:  Navigating uncertainty and making choices to create a strategically sustainable business future, building roadmaps and shaping outcomes – 1 point per person

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