Unlocking Foresight Know How CIC

 What is needed

  • In an uncertain world, leaders need the ability to conduct future “due diligence” on their organisation.
  • Very few business or government leaders possess the knowledge, tools, methodologies or expert advice to engage in this essential leadership discipline. Most have been trained to manage to a single future.
  • But the global business environment is in constant change, and problems are complex, interconnected and systemic, all leading to great uncertainty for organisations and governments around the world.
  • Whilst impossible to predict the “future,” today’s leaders need to anticipate possible futures, to think ahead in order to assess their possible strategies more widely and in more depth.

Strategic Foresight

  • Strategic Foresight uses the discipline of anticipatory thinking to develop a range of strategies and plans for the future.
  • Strategic Foresight equips leaders with the tools to envisage major changes that may affect their individual organisations and gain insight into how they might play out over longer timeframes.
  • Engaging in Strategic Foresight positively affects the behaviours of planning, goal-setting and makes for robust decision-making.
  • Strategic Foresight is critically needed for any organisation.

Our Vision

  • Unlocking the potential of strategic foresight for the benefit of:
    • business,
    • government and
    • society,

    both today and for a better future.

  • Unlocking Foresight Know-How provides easy to find foresight knowledge and material, simple to access, and intuitive to understand.

It is backed up by a community of foresight practitioners and academics, and shared data resource.

Our Team

Patricia Lustig, APF, FRSA – Managing Director

Author of recently published Strategic Foresight: learning from the future and a number of other books and articles in the area of Strategic Foresight. She has been an Operational Manager in energy and ICT Fortune 100 companies and is now CEO of LASA Insight. Her main focus is helping organisations develop insight into emerging trends, build a strategy based on this insight and implement the changes needed to carry it out.

Supported by:

  • Julian Owens – FD & Partner, GCSD
  • Gill Ringland – Director & CEO, SAMI Consulting
  • Martin Hazell – Director & Director Simplexity

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